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When sellers work with Dealbridge, they tap into our breadth of resources and tools, market knowledge and the reach of our international partner network. We are solely committed to our clients’ interests, providing objective and pragmatic advice tailored to their needs.

Owners are not the only ones affected by a sale. Through our strategies, we arrive at ideal solutions to satisfy everybody, including all stakeholders of a business.

  • Creation of a financial plan and transaction design
  • Creation of a detailed company information memorandum
  • Company valuation
  • Screening and liaising with potential acquirers worldwide
  • Meeting with prospective buyers, offering appraisals, and determining potential outcomes
  • Comprehensive support through all phases of a sale (letter of intent, due diligence, and final negotiation of legal sale documents)


Transaction History and What Our Clients Have to Say

We take pride in our work. Therefore, our clients trust us to provide the best quality of services that meet their needs. Learn more about our successful transactions.

Klaus Jaritz

CEO & Owner of Hillside International“

„Dealbridge M&A Advisors supported me with their commitment, negotiation skills and know-how in the process of selling the majority of my company. Thanks to their experience and expertise in the M&A process we were able to negotiate the sale at eye level with one of the largest private equity firms in Europe and close the deal based on well agreed terms and conditions. We are now set for a healthy expansion and a secure future. Thank you!”

J. Serafim Freitas


„In addition to the professionalism and evident competence, there was a humanity in this dealbridge’s intermediation that is not very common. Realizing the customer's needs and circumstances and that the business is only good if it goes both ways, was decisive for success. Thank you!”

Ivan B.

CEO International Construction Company

„I had an opportunity to engage with Dealbridge advisors in M&A project. During the whole process all advisors had been demonstrating a great competence and knowledge in the field of merging and acquisitions such as understanding the value of the company, determining the fair price for both parties and highlighting possible risks during the process. Also, they successfully managed cultural differences between parties in the cross-border transactions.”

António Cruz

Direclin | Lisboa- Portugal

„The successful transaction of our clinics was only possible thanks to the support that the excellent team of professionals at Dealbridge Portugal provided us at all stages of the process. from the valuation to the closing of the deal, we had to go through a long and hard path of careful and diversified analysis.We would also like to underline the excellence of human interaction, fundamental and indispensable to the environment of trust in which the transaction took place. To the Dealbridge team our sincere thanks!”

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