Dealbridge Annual Meeting 2024 in Porto

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Meeting, set to take place on May 9th and 10th in the beautiful city of Porto. This event presents a singular opportunity for members of our network to come together and delve into the realm of cross-border transaction opportunities.

Throughout two intensive days, representatives from the 11 countries where Dealbridge operates will convene to share best practices, tackle challenges, and explore the unique opportunities that arise when conducting negotiations across international borders.

Specialized panels will be a key feature of the event, and we are particularly excited to highlight the presence of venture capital and private equity funds, such as HCapital Partners. They will deliver presentations and stimulate discussions centered around the internationalization strategies employed by their subsidiaries and the potential for cross-border transactions.

We are also privileged to welcome the renowned Spanish international brand GOIKO, who will showcase their joint venture strategy as a potential avenue for entering select countries where Dealbridge has established a presence.

Additionally, we will be joined by an expert from INVEN.AI, an intelligent business data platform that leverages cutting-edge AI and NLP models to analyze millions of websites and extract pertinent business data.

The event will culminate in Brainstorming Sessions, where teams from all 11 countries will engage in valuable exchanges of ideas and foster the creation of opportunities for future collaboration.

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